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Polyester-imide overcoated with polyamide-imide enamelled round copper wire, class 200 and 220

Type.Temp.indexSize.Cut-through℃Heat shock℃Reference standards
EI/AIW [Q(ZY/XY)]200and2200.08~2.20mm320and350220and240IEC317-13NEMA MW 35C、75C
FeaturesHigh thermal resistance、Resistance to refrigerant、High cut-through、High heat shock、Thermal stability


  High temperature transformers

  Hermetic motor & refrigerating compressor motors

  High power motor & electromagnetic coils

  High thermal apparatus

  Motor for power tools

Remarks:  More of the above products all can be twisted into Litz wires in concentricity or aggregation according to the need of customers.

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